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Imparting quality education is THE business for us at Kids’ Corner School!   Kids Cornerians interact with the entire staff every day building a strong, loving, affectionate bond and a relationship that transcends teacher – learner acquaintance.. Dr.Sheela Sridhar FRCS, …

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Kids’ Corner School is the place for your child to learn happily! Providing a happy learning environment is our primary goal as we believe that any learning in a happy state of mind & experiences is long term.

Rajeshwari Doddamani

The world outside!

In progressive times such as at present, the growing up years of your baby is shrinking and the learning curve, shorter. Before you realize, your baby once in your arms, is all set to enroll into a school. Will my baby be safe, is my child equipped enough to accommodate to the outside world, will my child be happy – are only some of the hundreds of questions that bombard you while you take the crucial decision.

We at Kids’ Corner School create a homely environment to your child with high standards of learning and ensure that your child is ready for the world.

Child – driven Teaching & Learning

Every individual is different from the other and takes her / his time and space to really be who she / he is. Providing the time and space results in children getting comfortable, opening up, trusting the environment, breaking open the shell, exploring, experimenting, making errors – and starting all over again. The learning thus acquired is etched and long term. This child centric teaching learning experience leaves a lasting impression and is result oriented.

We at Kids’ Corner School understand the psychological barriers and vulnerability of our children; provide them the space and time and equip them with self-awareness. The child driven facilitator approach blends beautifully in the classroom and reflects in our children.


  • We are proud!

    “I feel proud that I have taken the right step by admitting both my children at Kids’ Corner School. My kids’ IQ got boosted and they are able to compete and stand tall in a crowd. I thank the staff and Principal who are working dedicatedly to achieve the high standards”.
    Parent Mr. Fazlu Rehman Khan (prep 2, 2015-16)

    We have had the opportunity to vist the kids corner school. We find the school is managed and maintained in an exemplary manner. We see creativity and enthusiasm all around the school.
    Shobitha Shivaram, Visitor , 2016

    “My daughter performs her best at Kids’ Corner School. The monthly parent-teacher meetings help me keep track of her progress. Her day to day assignments are a revision to what is taught at school; and hence eases the pressure during evaluations”.
    Parent Mrs. Usha Umesh, (prep 2 2013-14)

    The passion teachers have in their job in Kids’ Corner School is contagious. We feel so fortunate to have placed my son in this school. They care for each and every student, guide them at difficult times and make them understand their precious value. They always treat their position as a privilege rather than a job. My son is blessed to have been placed in this school. The way of teaching, the knowledge they share, the care they show, and the love that they shower on kids make me say that Kids’ Corner School is the BEST SCHOOL among all the schools.
    Parent : Manjula Chandan, (prep 2 2013-14)
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22 Jun

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21 Jun

ಯೋಗ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆ

One occasion and two celebrations. Our children took part in the Yoga celebrations organized by Svv and loved every bit of their hospitality and the gathering. Thanks to Shri Vinayaka Vidyalaya for organizing such a wonderful event. Visit www.facebook.com/KidsCornerSchool for …

20 Jun

Teacher Training Courses

We are very glad to be launching Teachers’ Training Courses at KCS. Montessori Training, Nursery Training, Primary Education Training, Child Remedial courses are the courses we will be offering at present. Please feel free to drop a mail at kidscornerblr78@gmail.com …