Prior Learning Assessment

 Prior Learning Assessment

Will be conducted at a mutually convenient time during the weekdays in the month of March and April, 2017.

Kids’ Cornerians are equipped with the essentials such as language, confidence, ideas and interest when they graduate from the Prep II (U.K.G.) class. To be able to grow up as a class and march ahead together, a basic assessment of prior learning of a new child seeking admission into primary classes is done.

The child’s reading, listening, speaking and writing skills; conceptual knowledge of numbers; awareness of life and living beings & non-living things around; and the likes are evaluated; while the aptitude of a child remains the primary basis for final selection.

New Classroom Technology

We implemented the idea after a lot of thought invested into the technology. We trained our teachers first and then we moved on to the students. We also talked to the parents and got them involved by means of art/ craft / homeworks etc.
The fine motors skills of the children develop become with ‘touch’,’see’ , ‘hear’
We at Kids corner handover resources so they can touch and understand, observe etc. For eg. the phonetics is taught with animated movements from the teacher themselves, so the kids can understand the right pronunciation.

Health & Help

Health is one of the most important aspects of concern for both, the parents and us.

Since kids are susceptible to weather changes, allergies, etc. resulting in falling ill frequently, losing weight, lack of energy and interest, we at Kids’ Corner are on a constant vigil of a Kids’ Cornerian’s health.

Kids’ Cornerians go through a monthly medical check up whereby a child’s weight and its growth is recorded and presented to parents for a review. Drastic changes if any are taken notice of and dealt with, immediately by taking necessary steps thereafter.

Kids’ Cornerians are advised to bring sprouts, raw and steamed vegetables, nuts ,dry fruits and fresh fruits as a part of their snack everyday to imbibe in them a liking towards natural food. This measure has shown tremendous results with parents being happy about rejection of junk food by their children.

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