Imparting quality education is THE business for us at Kids’ Corner School!


Kids Cornerians interact with the entire staff every day building a strong, loving, affectionate bond and a relationship that transcends teacher – learner acquaintance..

Dr.Sheela Sridhar FRCS, DO, MBBS


The President of PSVK Trust is a perfect combination of beauty with the brains. Dr. Sheela Sridhar comes with an experience of about 26years of service in India and abroad. Having earned the prestigious Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons from the University of Edinburgh, UK and also the Diploma in Opthamology from the University of Ireland, she has very recently moved back to India, to pursue her philanthropic goals. An avid reader, writer, poet with a keen eye for fashion and sharp ears for lyrics (esp Hindi music), she makes a difference to PSVK Trust with merely her presence.



Rajeshwari Doddamani

Founder, Principal

2001 was the year when Rajeshwari Doddamani discovered her passion. With every passing year, the passion only grew stronger and she worked toward realizing her dream of building a model school where kids have a life, space and mind of their own!

Having maintained that quality is beyond quantity, Kids’ Corner School today has grown from 3 kids to 100; and in its ninth year of inception will be witnessing children graduating from lower primary in 2017 – 2018.

Rajeshwari Doddamani is a Post Graduate in Commerce and Arts (English) and a B.Ed degree to her credit. Hailing from a family of strong, independent individuals, teaching is in her genes. An educationist in the truest sense, she is also the President of Shri Vinayaka Vidyalaya in JP Nagar VII Phase, Bengaluru.

She is also a News Presenter at Doordarshan, Chandana.

Smt.Sumathi Doddamani Superintendent (Retd.), Dept of Animal Husbandry


The Treasurer of PSVK Trust comes with an experience of 38 long years in the Animal Husbandry Department, Govt. of Karnataka. The word ‘Determination’ is synonymous with Smt. Sumathi D Doddamani! Having started to practise yogasana at the age of 40, she went onto represent her state and the country and win medals at the National and International Yoga meets! A doting grandmother, a devoted mother, a kind -hearted human being are only some of the ways to describe this ‘Young at Heart’, energetic person.


A young, dedicated staff is another unique feature of Kids’ Corner School . Kids at KCS get to interact with the entire staff everyday which enables a strong, affectionate bonding and a relationship between them. Rekha M, Usha Rama Krishna, Prasheela V Kumar, Waheeda Sheikh, Rekha Madhusudan who form the core part of the staff are committed to the kids and their profession. It is also the same element that binds them to KCS; and their long standing commitment, a mirror to their love for Kids Cornerians and Kids’ Corner School. Read More