1. Why are so few students in classes?

We maintain a healthy, encouraging, child-centric learning environment all through year. Hence, the teacher student ratio at all times remains 1:8 in all classes.

  1. What is Reading Corner?

Our children issue themselves books to read from the library every weekend. They choose, pick, read and return after essential formalities. Apart from that, A Book a Day Challenge once in six months encourages them to be an active member of our Reading Corner.

  1. Why are monthly home assignments given?

The parent-child relationship is unique and demanding at times. The learning time together is immensely important to understand the interests, needs and adapting capabilities of your child. To encourage the same, we create opportunities for parents through these monthly assignments.

  1. We hear chocolates are not encouraged as a part of your child’s birthday celebrations. How else can we celebrate?

We at Kids’ Corner School believe that gifting a book to our school Reading Corner on your child’s birthday is a more meaningful way to celebrate your child’s birthday. We have come to house a library with over 1500 books that caters to every child’s reading sensibilities.

That apart, the entire school wishes your child on his birthday. The feeling of belonging, togetherness and love your child experiences, is beyond expression.

  1. Why is it a single pattern of uniform for both girls and boys?

We treat and teach our children, to treat everyone equally; for us, each child is an individual. Thus, we do not wish to differentiate children on any aspect.

  1. Are there monthly tests?

No, we do not follow the monthly test pattern. Instead, we have evaluations at the end of specific chapters that enables to understand goals met, difficulties and hence to take corrective measures.

Children do have bi-annual evaluations, in Sep / Oct and March.

  1. Why is the kindergarten taught small letters before capital letters?

Every image in a book excites the young learner, and so do the letters in them. We don’t often see story books written in capital letters only, do we? To catch the young reader in an individual, we begin with small letters and gradually move to capital letters.

  1. The school associated with special needs organization. Any particular reason?

Our school children interact, buddy and participate with special needs children, in 30min sessions on a weekly basis. These interactions encourage our children to be compassionate towards fellow beings in day today life. We continue our association with Snehadhara Foundation (www.snehadharafoundation.org) with gratitude for, they assist us inculcate respect, affection and care in our children.