More often than not, only two people around a child who will never be jealous of his accomplishments and triumphs are his teachers and his parents. And education is an integral part of a child’s life. It is the progression orbiting around primarily your child, and other two key components namely the parent and the teacher. When both these elements come together in a child’s teaching learning experience, the results will only be remarkable.

The benefits of above were reaped during 2016 – 2017 more than ever by our school. School parents contributed immensely through various programs of ours, such as, regular yoga classes, social media support, cooking without fire workshops, parent communication and co-ordination and so on. Every initiative was supported and it was evident that parents were keen to contribute. The successful association during this year has only strengthened our views towards building upon the existing relationship. Hence, we launch the Parents’ Corner Wing of Kids’ Corner School on 1st January, 2017. Read More

         Key objectives of this team

·         Create a welcoming school environment for all parents and visitors:

a. Assist school in events such as parents’ teachers meetings, celebrations, get together, open house etc, by being the representatives of the school as planners, organizers, translators, communicators; and provide a personal touch for everyone visiting the school.

·         Establish and ascertain effective communication between school and parents:

a.   Assist & facilitate school in communicating school policies and principles to all families.

b.   Assist & facilitate school in managing Parents WhatsApp groups to ensure smooth flow of communication – from and to school.

c.    Create opportunities for parents to suggest / voice their concerns and communicate the same to school to address.

·         Strengthen families’ knowledge and skills to support and extend their children’s learning at home:

a. Provide assistance to families in setting learning expectations and their achievements.b. Provide assistance to families needing support and guidance in teaching – learning process.

c. Provide verbal assistance to families needing support for projects and assignments.

·         Provide families information related to child development and creating supportive learning environments:

a.   Provide a directory of community resources such as psychologists, speech therapists, nutritionists, etc. if and when need arises.

b.   Partner with local businesses, agencies, shops, organizations, factories, for regular visits by our school children. Maintain a directory of the same.

·         Engage families in leadership and meaningful volunteer opportunities:

a.      Ascertain from time to time and identify volunteer interests, talents, availability, or any other resource that parents can provide to the school – parents – teachers – children.

·         Strengthen Kids Cornerians & Kids’ Corner School:

a.   Provide cultural, extra-curricular & spiritual guidance and support to our school children, staff, parents & the community. 

b.   Provide assistance to school by arranging / conducting workshops, sessions, programs on academics.

c.    Provide assistance to school by arranging / conducting workshops, sessions, programs on outside the curriculum.

*With time, the objectives will only grow larger and finer*